IBM Watson and IBM Bluemix

Yesterday I was demonstrating #IBMBluemix live to the audience at the IBM Business Partner Executive Summit #IBMBPES.

In the demonstration I first show feature of the Dashboard and and then I go into the Catalog. As I scrolled through the numerous services I did think to myself “Wow! The are a lot of new Watson Services in Bluemix”  but didn’t dwell as I had my practiced script in full flow!

So it wasn’t until later in the day and the announcement of these services that I realised what I had very briefly previewed!

The 7 new services allow developers to enhance, scale, and accelerate human expertise by embedding Watson services and content into their apps through RESTful APIs. They are:

  • Concept Expansion: Maps euphemisms or colloquial terms to more commonly understood phrases
  • Language Identification: Identifies the language in which text is written
  • Machine Translation: Globalize on the fly. Translate text from one language to another
  • Message Resonance: Communicate with people with a style and words that suits them
  • Question and Answer: Direct responses to users inquiries fueled by primary document sources
  • Relationship Extraction: Intelligently finds relationships between sentences components (nouns, verbs, subjects, objects, etc.)
  • User Modeling: Improved understanding of people’s preferences to help engage users on their own terms

#Watson #Bluemix Services

That is another great aspect of IBM Bluemix and the building portfolio of services is that is always something new and exciting for you to discover and for you to benefit from it’s value.