Short journey to the API Economy

I work with many software vendors who is the new world of cloud computing come in many forms of business partner type as they try to harden their offerings into a something “as-a-Service”.

The starting point is the IBM Cloud Marketplace ( since that is the portal to the cloud for the IBM clients and where they can find IBM Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings and importantly IBM Business Partner SaaS offerings.

The IBM Cloud Marketplace provides a vendor to have a listing from which clients can purchase their offering. This is done by creating a listing and editions (packages) of value that the clients want to buy.

Once integrated into the IBM Cloud Marketplace then there is an option of being integrated INTO IBM Bluemix ( ThisĀ  can provide an additional route to revenue which can be developed by partners by exposing any APIs of their service to other developers i.e. they effectively become one of Bluemix services in the Bluemix Catalogue, which is a subset of the IBM Cloud Marketplace !

In turn those services can run on IBM Softlayer ( and benefit from optimized infrastructure as Bare Metal.

There is more in a couple of chart decks called “Short journey to the API Economy” and another “IBM Softlayer Bluemix Marketplace” can be found in my SlideShare Documents.