Cloud Foundry/Bluemix Ecosystem Meet-Up 06-06-2017

On the 6th of June at Rainmaking Loft, Simon Baker hosted the latest in the series of Cloud Foundry/Bluemix Ecosystem Meet-Ups.
The meet-ups are designed to promote networking between likeminded companies that have connections to Cloud, Data and AI. They enable companies to share both skills and insight, which allows them to learn how to better overcome business challenges, drive customer solutions and increase revenue opportunity.

Based in London, is a distributed knowledge base that enables machines to understand the meaning of information in the context of their relationship.
Intelligent systems currently consume data that is too complex for databases that exist in the market today. To derive knowledge, intelligent systems need to interpret the relationships in real world data sets. carries out all of the functions needed to act as a database for intelligent enterprise systems.
Whilst the platform is used solely by developers, rather than a business development team, can be used to create different types of business solutions. These include semantic search engines, automated fraud detection, intelligent chat bots, advanced drug discovery and dynamic risk analysis.

Hanhaa is a mobile services company that is focused on both Internet of Things and Machine to Machine applications. The CEO, Azhar Hussain, spoke in detail about one of their offerings. Parcelive.
Parcelive is a small piece of hardware that contains six embedded sensors that allows users to access live telemetry from inside a package, including whether or not it has been opened and the temperature it is being stored at. The product contains an e-paper screen that allows it to be easily returned and a long-lasting battery, which ensures that the data feeds continues until a parcel reaches its destination.

Founded over 20 years ago, Astia are a global community committed to creating an even playing field for female entrepreneurs. They do this by providing access to both capital and professional networks for all of the companies involved.
Astia actively identify inclusive companies and given them a route to their network of over 5000 investors. They work with entrepreneurs at these companies to create a strong relationship between them, investors and advisors, who will be able to help their companies rapidly grow.

With the speakers and attendees being different at every single one of these meet-ups, they are a great way to increase your professional network and have the opportunity to meet new people who you may not have otherwise met. If you are interested in the meet-ups, then keep an eye out for the next date and come along. We hope you see you there!


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