Cloud Foundry/Bluemix Ecosystem Meet-Up 26th April 2017

What are the Cloud Foundry/Bluemix Ecosystem Meet-Ups…?

The Cloud Foundry/Bluemix Ecosystem Meet Ups at Rainmaking Loft help to promote networking between likeminded companies that have connections to Cloud Foundry and Bluemix. They enable sharing of skills and insight and help companies learn how to better overcome business challenges, drive customer solutions and increase revenue opportunity.

Watson, Bluemix and Cloud…

Ross Cruickshank of the Developer Ecosystems Team at IBM began the evening by discussing IBM specific technologies.

Bluemix is a PaaS service that is based on Cloud Foundry technology. DevOps is used to build, run and deploy applications on the cloud, along with an extensive list of services supporting many programming languages including Java, Swift and Node.js.

The meet-up began with a walk through the Bluemix catalogue and an in-depth discussion of several different services, such as Insights for Twitter, within the catalogue that were both relevant to the companies and developers wanted to learn more about


Gustav Stromfelt from IBM gave a small presentation on IBM iX. IBM iX acts as a global business design partner. They work with their clients, including Nationwide, Waitrose and Jaguar, to provide insight, generate ideas and create an impact in the company. The iX teams combine observation with IBM analytics to highlight the full potential of a company. That knowledge is then translated into focused ideas that are then built and scaled to create lasting outcomes for the customers.

SPICA Technologies…

SPICA is a specialist IoT Solutions Provider that uses a combination of technical assets, hardware, software components and IoT integration expertise to help business capitalise on the opportunity that the Internet of Things represents. Their mission is to help revolutionise the Facilities Management industry with proliferation of IoT-based products, enabling FM’s, Property Owners and Tenants to offer better, cheaper and innovative new services to their clients.


With over 10 years’ experience of working at IBM, Edoardo Comar gave a lightening talk on IBM Message Hub. Based on Apache Kafka, IBM Message Hub acts as a throughput message device allowing companies to unite both on-premises and off-premises cloud technologies and wire micro services together.

 Global AI Hackathon…

Emmanuel Korie is part of the team at who is co-ordinating a Global AI Hackathon. is aiming to bring together designers, data scientists, neuroscientists, idea generators and coders to create innovative solutions to real world problems using AI technology. The event aims to teach people about AI, it’s tools and how it can be used to improve technology solutions. Participants in the event can choose one challenge to work on, for which they can create a solution, submit their project and have the chance to demonstrate their work in a showcase.

The Next Meet-Up…

The next meet-up will again be held at Rainmaking Loft on the 6th of June between 6pm and 8pm. We will be hosting a new group of speakers, who will be able to share their insight into specific industries, events and technologies. If you would like to attend please register here.


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