Cloud Foundry /Bluemix Ecosystem – 14th December 2016

By Shannagh Bennett.

Date: 14 – 12 – 2016 –  Time: 18:00 – 20:30

Attendees: Simon Baker (IBM), Shannagh Bennett (IBM), Alan Flower (HCL), Aureliu Galasanu (InTown), Dan Johnson (Equitable Law), Leon Koutsovasilis (Xaeus Blue) and Michael Lung (Bluebridge)


Bluemix is a PaaS service that is based on Cloud Foundry technology. DevOps is used to build, run and deploy applications on the cloud, along with an extensive list of services supporting many programming languages including Java, Swift and Node.js.


Watson combines both AI and analytics to perform as a supercomputer. It can be used in various scenarios to analyse and interpret data given to it in many forms, such as images, audio and text.


BlockChain is a decentralised ledger technology that can be used to exchange both digital and physical assets. It works by creating a digitised chain of transactions that can’t be modified. The benefits of using BlockChain in a company include reduction in settlement time, reduced risk of collusion and increased trust in processes.


InTown is a property market start up, which aims to reduce the cost to landlords and reduce the effort for tenants in relation to raising an issue with the property and finding a solution.


Bluebridge is a FinTech start up that is focused on using BlockChain technology to help financial industry companies reach their optimum business potential. As increasing cybercrime, regulation and fraud inhibit business growth within the industry, BlockChain can be used to increase trust in a company through shared processes and record keeping to promote enterprise growth.

Xaeus Blue…

Xaeus Blue is a technology and digital business consultancy that helps individuals, ideas and technology come together to produce a solution for current market issues. They aim to help companies by working with them to deliver new digital platforms, create digital services, provide investment strategy support and help define digital business strategies.

Equitable Law…

Equitable Law is a Solicitors practice based in London that offers business law legal services, including corporate, finance and commercial matters. Dan Johnson had an interest in the discussion on Lucy and Watson, as it is a direction that is becoming more likely that law firms will take; to have smaller legal issues and help desks based around automation and cognition.

BlockChain has the potential to become pivotal in law practice; both as an area of law and in the smooth running of a firm. Steptoe & Johnson LLP have recently launched a BlockChain specific practice to aid BlockChain companies with issues related to the technology. In practice, the use of Smart Contracts and  has the potential to become very important; allowing firms to reduce the time taken with each client and allowing easier record keeping of any dealings within the company.


HCL is a multinational IT services company, which offers services such as Technology Consulting, IT Outsourcing and Business Process Outsourcing. They are an engineering led software company, having worked on projects such as the Boeing Dreamliner, Azure and the Xbox.


Lucy combines both automation and cognitive technologies to give rise to a smart global help desk. Having been built around Watson, Lucy analyses unstructured data, understands complex questions and presents solutions to common technical problems. She combines 10 services from Watson including Personality Insights and Retrieve and Rank.

HCL are currently trialing a further piece of software, Melvin, which aims to completely remove human involvement from help desk situations. They are aiming to do this by further training cognitive services to be able to answer and deal with more complex questions and to be able to detect problems before any human has detected a fault. This will then allow the system to send out an alert to get the problem fixed before it becomes an issue for any user.


More details:


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