How does Bluemix stack up against AWS and Heroku?

Answer by Simon A R Baker:

Bluemix is based on the open Cloud Foundry Foundation | The Industry Standard For Cloud Applications. The Foundation is supported by a large number of members both vendors and enterprises.
Bluemix is also built on 2 other key open compute technologies: Docker and OpenStack

Bluemix can be used in interoperable hybrid deployment models enabling flexibility and security requirements to be met.

  1. Bluemix Public – Multi-tenant -as-a-Service running on Softlayer  with over 100 IBM and 3rd party services across mobile, IoT, Watson and more to power your modern apps and services
  2. Bluemix Dedicated – running on dedicated Softlayer infrastructure allowing you to satisfy regulatory and legal compliance provided through an unmatched combination of security and time to value in a cloud that feels like a natural extension of your existing network.
  3. Bluemix Local – runs on either VMWare or OpenStack driven infrastructure to take advantage of the true value of cloud behind your firewall with the help of a first-of-its-kind approach to private cloud delivery.

Seamless Experience
With Bluemix, regardless of whether your apps and services sit in Public, Dedicated, or Local, you can expect a seamless and portable hybrid experience.

  • Control services & platform updates with a Syndicated Catalog
  • Utilize Visibility across the platform with System information, Reports and Logs
  • Govern users, orgs & privileges with User & Organisation Administration

Continuous Delivery
Bluemix supports Continuous Innovation & Delivery with DevOps unified and open across compute technologies, Bluemix delivery methods, and integrated systems.

Watson on Bluemix
Watson is creating a new partnership between people and computers that enhances, scales and accelerates human expertise. IBM Watson services available on Bluemix are the building blocks for developers to create the next generation of cognitive applications to transform the way businesses engage with their customers, discover, innovate and make decisions
Internet of Things Foundation
Set up and manage your connected devices so all your app’s can access the data with Bluemix services

Integration to legacy systems
With the Bluemix API Management Service you can discover your APIs for on-premises resources. With this unique capability you can:

  • Externalize an API from Bluemix to allow secure, governed, monitored usage of you app
  • Discover and load APIs to Bluemix from on premise sources like z/OS Connect and an ESB
  • Enable partners to innovate on your APIs by publishing into their Bluemix orgs via safe opt-in process

There are other Integration Solutions with Bluemix to other systems through Cloud Integration and Connect & Compose.

Secure Gateway
With the Secure Gateway Bluemix service you get connectivity from Bluemix to other applications and data sources running on-premise or in other clouds.

  • Unique passport feature allows for single step download, install, and secure setup of client
  • Flexible Gateway topology allows segregation, Load Balancing, Fault tolerance
  • Layered security on the cloud side and client side
  • API / SDK for secure connect directly from app

Please let me know if I can help further:

How does Bluemix stack up against AWS and Heroku?


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